Mzekezeke ” Izinyoka” feat. Izinyoka & Brown Dash( Kwaito Hit)



AYEYE…This is my track…flippin love it!! This is a 2004 hit from DJ Sbu‘s Alter ego Mzekezeke the masked phenomenal also introducing his kwaito group called Izinyoka. Mzekezeke broke all the rules when he came out, He was KASI (Township,Ghetto)!!!He showed any township kid who had a dream to make it in the music or entertainment industry that you dont need to speak english well, have good looks and dress expensive clothes to achieve that dream. Just Believe.

The amazing story about this song is back then I heard  a radio interview on Yfm, DJ Fresh interviewing a photographer who took pictures at the Iraq war when it started. He used to chill with the US soldiers at their base camp and play music from his iTunes Laptop. This song came on and the soldiers went crazy, he says had that song on repeat everytime the soldiers came from the battle field.

I remeber when Ja Rule came down to South Africa and desrespected almost everyone he spoke to, him and his Posse broke a Dj’s vinyls just because he played a 50 cent song. Mzekezeke exposed Ja in a big way when he interviewed him and Jah was on  about “Motherf*&ker In my hood you wouldn’t last a day, I’m gangsta”…Mzakes be like”This is Mzantsi(South Africa) ndoda, This is my Hood…I’m Gangsta too”. All up in his face, Ja just bounced…you dont come to another country and be desrespectfull to its people, on TV…DUDE!! Needless to say I tossed my Ja Rule fanship out the window with the rest of the country.


~ by roosta27 on March 26, 2009.

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