USD Corvette Mallett Z03

usd corvette mallet z03

usd corvette mallet z03

Via flylyf:

The Ugur Sahin designed Corvette Z03 can be yours for a cool price tag of around $69,000. To match the car’s stricking looks, Mallet Cars from Ohio has signed on to provide an additional horsepower punch. The ‘Vette tuner and noted racing outfit has produced two (extremely) high-power force-induced packages for the limited-edition European-penned sportscar. Donning all-carbon fiber bodywork, the Z03 has the sleek, retro-inspired looks to match its available 999-hp twin-turbo kick. For those not keen on wearing through tires every other week, a more modest 700-hp supercharged version is also available.

Only 100 of either edition will be made by Mallet and Ugur Sahin. Aesthetic conversions begin at the aforementioned price point and if more power is desired, customers will have to pay more to play.

The supercharged, 700-hp engine costs $32,700 while the twin-turbo, 999-hp engine asks $35,795. Amazingly, the super- or turbocharged Z03 comes complete with a 24,000 mile/two year warranty. No word on a release date.







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