National Skirt Extension Project: All is revealed



This caused a lot of buzz when it came out…all to find out it’s an ad campaign for Mrs Ball’s Chutney. Still a waste of money in my own opinion.

via Cherry flava:

The mysterious half-page newspaper and sneaky adio ads promoting a campaign to have the skirts of the graphics on ladies public toilets lengthened has now been revealed to have been done as an ad campaign for Mrs Ball’s chutney.

Mrs. Ball’s wanted to show just how silly it is to change something for no good reason, so we invented the National Skirt Extension Project, demanding that all ladies’ toilet signs be replaced with a version bearing a longer skirt. To those who stood up and said “This is ridiculous”, clearly we agree. If something doesn’t need changing, don’t change it. That’s why at Mrs. Ball’s, nobody changes our chutney. … Thank you for being such good sports … No cyclists were harmed in the making of this video. [from the YouTube video]

There’s no doubting the campaign caused a huge amount of buzz, but we have to admit are just a bit more than a litlle surprised that South Africa’s favourite condiment is behind the whole thing.


~ by roosta27 on April 16, 2009.

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