via Cherry Flava:

This Wednesday, after you’ve made your cross at the polling booth – you can head over to a Wimpy and collect a free cuppa joe thanks to your ink-stained finger, which serves as proof of your participation in democracy.

We always just thought that this kinda crafty election-based promotion was the reserve of Starbucks and American politics, so it’s great to see that Wimpy are bringing some political PR innovation to SA.


via Cherry Flava:

With coffee supplied by Wimpy, Nando’s are also offering a bun in exchange for your ink-stained digit this voting day. Now the Nando’s offer is clearly not as attractive as a free coffee, but we’ll never toss a gift bun back in the oven.

If somebody can throw in a rasher of bacon and a fried egg we might even go vote twice.


~ by roosta27 on April 21, 2009.

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