Vael Project – Terminatrix


I’m loving these but I prefer laces to be layed out the normal way, without the zipper too. These are too styled out, I prefer simple. My bhoy Molee would never let me buy these, he knows I’m getting into these high top sneakers and he just doesn’t dig the style. I was rolling with him earlier this year when I was in Johannesburg, we walk past a sneaker store in Rosebank and I go wild over these other nike high top sneakers. Dude kicked that excitement out of me, he was like ” Nha, just carry on walking, I see you with this new style you trying out…nha joe!!” basically saying its wack. LOL!!

Via Flylyf:

The Terminatrix boasts a convertible zipper along the throat, which is removable. Once removed, the shoe can be laced as a normal shoe. Supple white leathers, plus Horse Hair and a Vibram cupsole ensure a quality ride and comfort above all. Slip-lasted on our court-last, the Terminatrix features full grain leather lining and a full grain leather covered EVA sockliner.




~ by roosta27 on May 18, 2009.

One Response to “Vael Project – Terminatrix”

  1. Damn right you need to stay away from these shoes!!! Whats next…skiny jeans??!??!??!?!?!?

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