R.I.P Mandisi Ngcauzele aka Man

R.I.P My Friend

R.I.P My Friend

I lost a good friend early Saturday morning last weekend….wait….a great friend. I’m still shocked and it’s hard to write this post because I’m just out of words. Tomorrow I have to say something about him at his memorial service and every time those good moments I shared with him come…those words are replaced by tears and pain.

This was my first friend when I arrived in Cape Town in 2000.  He was always smiling and laughing. He had a great sense of humour. A free soul who was nice to everyone. I got a phone call from a friend Saturday afternoon while trying to check into a hotel in Johannesburg. I was booked to perform at the Blacks Only Comedy show. While he was telling me what happened I kept on asking “where is Mandisi?”…he said he passed away. I asked again “Is he at the hospital?”…”Dude I’m sorry, he passed away” he replied. I dedicated that show to him and got a standing ovation but still the news hadn’t sunk in yet. It only hit me yesterday that he was really gone when a family member called and asked me to say a few words about him at his memorial service…I pulled the car aside…. and cried. I lost a good friend last weekend….wait….a great friend. Rest in Peace my Friend…you will be Missed.



~ by roosta27 on June 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “R.I.P Mandisi Ngcauzele aka Man”

  1. Hold your head Ndura joe!!!

  2. Lala ngoxolo mandisi u r surely goin to be missed

  3. Ndumiso, all i can say is a big thank you for the lovely stories you shared with us at the memorial, Mandi, all i can say is “usijonge”, look outfor us man and keep smiling, i guess we really shouldnt mourn for you as your there with uUnathi (Magla), lala ngoxolo Phakati

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